That’s Caught Me! – A new show for 2018…

Noodle Presents
That’s Caught Me!
at The Cheltenham Playhouse, Saturday 21st July!

A local theatre company, NOODLE, based in Gloucestershire, are hosting That’s Caught Me in aid of St Vincent’s and St George’s Association!
They will trap 15 willing people, some with and without acting experience, in the Playhouse Theatre for 24 hours and they will have to devise and learn a completely new show.

All participants will have to go through the night without any sleep to create a piece of theatre that needs to be ready for an audience on Saturday 21st July!
Will they manage to stay awake? Will they even know what’s going on? The cast will pull out all of the stops to entertain you and hopefully they will catch you right out.

For tickets to see this show, head to with all ticket sales going to St Vincent’s and St George’s Association.

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