Phoenix Fest 2021

We love music, and this year at Phoenix we have worked hard to organise our very own music festival: Phoenix Fest. In the run up to the big day, we’ve all chipped in to create a festival atmosphere through out our activities hub. We made our own wrist bands, flower crowns, tickets and signage. Worked out our warm up acts, headliners and our up and coming talents. Pinned down a day to go shopping and buy our festival essentials (burgers, hotdogs and drinks) , created our own photobooth and stage areas and spent many days chatting excitedly about what was to come. 

Phoenix Fest was AMAZING! We had a fantastic time and it was really good seeing how our hard work had paid off, we had created our own festival, and we all had so much fun. 

Performances from ‘The Spice Girls’ ‘Westlife’ ‘Elvis’ and many more made the day come alive, hours of dancing singing and partying were finished off by a Phoenix favourite: Queen, We are the Champions. 

We wore our wellies, flower crowns and funky clothes, ate sausages, burgers and drank lots of fruit punch. In the afternoon we were busy, spotting new talent on our stage when we all had turns singing our favourite songs to the crowds. 

In true festival style, a big clean up is now needed: we will be sorting our recycling, saving what we can for Phoenix Fest 2022 and trudging round rather tired tomorrow! 

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