Our History

Our History

St Vincent's and St George's Association

St Vincent’s and St George’s Association is the result of a charity merger in 2009. Both St Vincent’s and St George’s came from care and support backgrounds, deciding to pool their knowledge and resources together to ensure a service was available for future generations to live the life they wanted regardless of their disability.

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St George's

St George’s has its origins in a mission to rescue wayward girls began in London in 1885. Moving to Gloucestershire in the 1940s, as London had become too dangerous during the war. Operating from Oldbury House, the Training School run by Sisters of St. Peters remained here until the 1980s, when new regulations prevented St George’s from continuing as a school without extensive modernisation which it could not afford. In 1986 the charity moved to Well Close House and became a home for women with learning difficulties. Since 1986 St George’s developed their services, in 2001 we opened a café offering work experience with an activity centre in Cheltenham called Windows, in 2007 this developed further and moved locations to the centre of town and we opened Georges organics café which had activities running on the upper floors of the property.

St Vincent's

St Vincent’s began in 1952. Parents worked to together to provide lessons to children with disabilities, within a donated garage on Central Cross Drive, Pittville. Throughout the late 60s a new extension was built so that the classrooms could accommodate those living with complex disabilities. The main focus being to provide Speech therapy alongside physiotherapy. During the 1970’s further extensions were completed and a new day centre opened enabling St Vincent’s to expand on education and include social activities. Towards the end of the 1980’s St Vincent’s also opened St Vincent’s lodge, a residential/ respite facility for adults with disabilities.