Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

Here at St Vincent’s & St George’s Association we are passionate about integrating with the local community by working together with other Gloucestershire organisations through excellent corporate partnerships.

There are many ways in which you could work alongside St Vincent’s and St George’s Association and with our flexible approach we are able to tailor partnerships that specifically meets your requirements and desired outcome, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

Engage your staff

There are many ways in which your staff can engage with St Vincent’s & St George’s Association, with a variety of opportunities, from volunteer days with our members through to community projects to develop and improve our homes and gardens which act as excellent team building activities. Not to forget taking part in a team challenge event, gaining sponsorship for the charity.

Raise your profile

Throughout the year, the charity is involved in many schemes and events that provide a number of opportunities for our partners. This could be entering a staff team into an event in support St Vincent’s or St George’s gaining exposure in the press or providing sponsorship towards an event, allowing your branding to be pride of place. We will also put you in pride of place in our partnerships webpage and throughout our social media and newsletters.

Make a real difference

We rely on voluntary income and generosity from our local community to ensure that we can keep supporting the people that need us most, every day we aim to provide an environment and the support that people need in order to give them the life that they want and without this help, we simply cannot do this.

Find out more about partnering with St Vincent’s & St George’s Association by making contact with John Goodman on 01242 511237 or email: