Overview of the group

St Vincent’s & St George’s Association is the result of the merger of the two separate charities in 2009; this was a partnership formed due to the similarity of the two organisations but also the combined wish to serve a greater number of people with the collective expertise of skilled and dedicated staff.

St George’s

St George’s was originally founded in 1885 in Westminster and was a home for wayward girls run by a The Sisters of All Saints. Due to wartime activities the home was relocated to Gloucestershire in 1944 and following a long tenure in Eastington it found its home in Lansdown in 1986, this is still the residential home today. Over time the organisation refocused to provide support and care to ladies with learning disabilities with much emphasis on community engagement and the opportunity to live as independent life as possible.

St Vincent’s

St Vincent’s was set up by a group of parents who found that there was little provision in Cheltenham for children with disabilities, the centre started life as a garage in Pittville as a local charity. When special education was implemented in the area St Vincent’s became a day centre for adults with Cerebral Palsy, going on to serve those with other types of complex disability. The work of St Vincent’s is continued today at Phoenix and we retain the original site for redevelopment within the remit of the charity.

Today St Vincent’s & St George’s Association is are a secular, modern and forward looking organisation; our name alludes to our shared history, a heritage of which we are immensely proud. We plan to continue this work by listening to our beneficiaries and responding to their needs and aspirations, we are passionate about our people.


“With grateful thanks for how you cared for Dad, never doubt the value and importance of your work.” TJ