Driving Up Quality

St Vincent’s & St George’s Association are proud to be signed up to the Driving Up Quality Code, an initiative that encourages excellent practice and commitment to the delivery of care. With a well established history, we are constantly looking to improve and provide the highest quality of care & support to those who need us and the Driving Up Quality Code allows us to further enhance our provision.

To find out more about the code and the key standards click here.

Self Assessment

As part of our commitment to the Driving Up Quality, we have undergone a comprehensive self assessment, analysing our services across the 5 key standards. To achieve this we recently held an organisation-wide feedback day, involving all corners of the organisation from, members, residents, family, staff and trustees to establish the quality of our care and support against the code.

Based on the feedback received, we have put together a detailed report containing information on how we are currently achieving the 5 key standards along with future plans and projects that will further improve our services.

To access our full report click here.

For more information visit www.drivingupquality.org.uk